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You must understand that automobile racing is a very dangerous sport and that all contained rules and regulations are merely procedures that are to be followed in order to produce good competition. Even after strict compliance with the same, injury and/or death may occur as a result of your competing in auto racing.

All rules relating to construction and safety of cars are an absolute minimum protection and in no way guarantee your safety.

The structural integrity of your car and the safety thereof is totally the responsibility of you and your car manufacturer.

The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of
these rules is left to the discretion of the officials, their decision is final.

Vehicles, towing equipment, wreckers, push trucks and all other equipment located in the pit area or restricted area are NOT covered by insurance.

Every person who enters into the pit and racing area, or participates in competition sanctioned or promoted by Trail-Way Speedway does acknowledge, represent and warrant that he/she has read, understands and agrees to abide by the rules in their entirety.

Revised 12/30/19 (BOLD/UNDERLINE = NEW RULE FOR 2020)

1. SAFETY: Track officials reserve the right to make any changes as they see necessary for the safety and protection of all spectators, participants and officials.

2. SPEEDWAY POLICY: If at any time, in the opinion of track officials, the conduct of any team member or driver is a discredit to TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY, the racing industry, the fans, or to them self, he or she may be removed from all racing activity at the speedway. The driver is responsible for all the people associated and/or officially entered with the car. Racing at TRAIL-WAY Speedway is a family spectator sport. As such, we do not want you or any part of your crew, if any of your actions are deemed offensive by/at the sole discretion of track officials. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while on speedway property.

3A. REGISTRATION COST: All Drivers are required to reserve their racing number when entering any of the regular classes for the first time during the racing season. This number is reserved for the individual driver, not the car.There is no cost.

3B. RESERVING NUMBERS: Those drivers that wish to retain their previous years number, must complete the RESERVE NUMBER FORM, sign the release form, and send no later than February 15th in order to reserve your number for the next season, or that number may be available for other drivers to use.  We ask you to please use (2) digit numbers on your race car. This makes it scoring friendly and fits the digits on the scoreboard.

4. AGES: All drivers and anyone entering the pit under 18 years of age must complete and properly sign an annual liability release or minor pit release form BEFORE entering the pit area.You must be 12 or older, have at least two years of racing experience, and final decision from track safety officials to race a 270 Micro Sprint, and 600 Micro Sprint. You must be 13 or older to race all other divisions, if under 16, have at least two years of racing experience, and final decision from track safety officials to race. You must be 16 or older to race, Figure 8, Junk Car ( drivers and passengers).

5. MINORS AND ADULTS: Minors must be with an adult at all times. If you are not with an adult you will be asked to leave the pit area without a refund. Second violation may result in losing your privilege of entering the pit area. Adults, please help us keep a safe pit area!

6. ADVERTISING AND RELEASE: In consideration of entering into any of the scheduled events, car owners, drivers, pit people or agents, agree to permit Trail-Way Speedway Inc and its assigned the use of their names and picture of the car for advertising and publicity before and after any event, and to relinquish all rights to any photos taken in connection with any event and give their permission to publish or sell the same.

7. SEASON ENDING AWARDS:  All award winners will receive a free ticket to the banquet. Since you receive a free ticket you may not have someone else pick up your award, unless previously arranged.

8. HANDICAPPING: For regular shows the line ups for heat races will be done by pill draw. Number of cars to be inverted or handicapped will be posted on the lineup pit board. If pill draw for feature, the number of cars to be inverted or handicapped will be half of the field (even number of cars). Heat 1 winner will draw an inversion pill for the feature. (unless specified differently). All previous winners who have not been handicapped for feature line up, and qualify for the inversion or handicap, cannot start any better than 12th in the feature, (Unless specified differently). If there are 2 or more drivers to be handicapped, the order will be by date of win, oldest will be 12th and go forward by date. This handicap will not be used on championship races but will continue at the next point event. The remaining starting spots will be determined by heat & consi qualifiers starting heads up. This line- up format may change for certain announced races. Race car must make an attempt to take the green to receive heat/feature points and money. If an alternate driver is used, the replaced driver that is not in the race, will not receive feature points or money

9. RACE DAY SIGN UPS: All drivers must come to the rear of the speedway office to check in. If you change your E Mail, address or phone number, please put new information on data card and write "new.  No sign-up after Heat Races have started in your division. If you sign up after 30 minutes before races start, you will start in the rear.If you are going to be late, call office and we will sign up for you. Failure to show up for your heat, consi, or Feature will result in disqualification. Be sure to bring your Drivers License or some type of I.D. to pick up your winnings.

10. PRACTICE: Only the driver may take the race car out to be practiced. Violators may be subject to disqualification and $100.00 fine. 

11. DRIVER APPAREL: Driver must wear helmet, with goggles or face shield ( no open face helmets ), neck brace, and gloves. Driver must wear fire resistant suit, except for junk car races.

12. PIT AREA: Track officials will police the pit area for drugs or drinking and anyone found using either will be escorted out and car will be disqualified immediately. NO BEER IN PITS and every one must be cleared out within 30 minutes following the completion of the last race. No glass containers and no open flames allowed anywhere. No one in the pit area is allowed to sell fuel or parts without written permission, violators will be removed. No PETS allowed for insurance reasons. 5 M.P.H. in the Pit area at all times. Speeding or spinning tires in the pits may result in a fine.

13. TECHING: The track tech inspector is allowed to check any race vehicle at anytime. If inspector is disallowed, the car will be automatically disqualified to race or receive any awards. No refunds for any car found illegal or unable to race.

14. RAIN OUT POLICY: Race event is considered complete after most heats & consi’s have been run. Make-up features will be rescheduled. If race is determined a canceled event, all rain check holders have 3 races to return to a future show or the next event that schedules that night's classes.

15. PIT SPACES: Pit spaces are reserved until 45 minutes before first scheduled heat race.

16. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS AND TIME LIMITS: Schedule of events & line up's will be posted on Pit Bulletin Board behind restrooms, and under turn 3 bleachers for all events. For all qualification, the driver qualifies, not the car, thus a driver qualified can race another car, but must re-qualify a non-qualified car through a consolation race, or if no consolation race, use a qualified car and start to the rear of the Feature. Driver must notify Pit Steward of the change. Any registered driver who gives his car to someone else will be disqualified for that race. No changes after any race's original green flag. All qualifying events for all divisions may be checkered flagged after 8 minutes from initial green. The track reserves the right to shorten or eliminate heat races or laps in any class at any time. Maximum of 8 yellow\red flags for a feature.270 and 600 Winged Sprints, a 25 min. time limit and 20 minutes for all other classes in the features. If possible the head flag man will show you a last restart sign. The race must be at least 1 lap past halfway to invoke this rule. There must be at least 10 cars entered in any class to have a heat race, unless posted otherwise. There are no time limits for 358 Sprints.

17. PRE-STAGING: All cars will be lined up in the pits off the second turn of the speedway. You must be in the pre-stage area when the head flagman gives the checkered flag. If late, you may be put to the rear.  If you are going to be late or cannot make your race please notify the pit steward to let other track officials know. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW UP ON TIME.

18. STARTING THE RACE - It is up to the leader to start the race at the orange cone in turn 4. All cars must stay in position side by side, nose to tail until the green flag comes out. All classes get two attempts at a double file start. Third attempt will be single file or the first two rows will be switched. The head flagman will determine a fair start. When a driver jumps the start on a restart of a race, the race may not be stopped. On single file restarts all cars must stay nose to tail until they pass between the orange cone & wall in front of the flag stand. Any car that knocks over the cone or goes inside of the cone may be put to the rear. Any driver passing or racing before the cone will be penalized 2 positions for each car jumped. Penalty maybe assessed during next caution. If one (1) lap is completed in a heat or consolation, you may not start that race. If a car drops out or is missing before the start of an event, the entire row will move forward to fill the spot. No crossing over unless several cars are missing from either row. This is a judgement call from the tower. On a complete restart where more than one car is missing, all penalized cars will start behind the original lineup. Upon the completion of the race, the officials will determine the penalty, their decision will be final. Lead car must maintain constant speed or gradually increase speed before starting of race. No brake checking.

19. LATE TO THE TRACK: If you enter the track late for a heat, consolation or feature, you must start at the rear.

20. RE-START LINE UP: Officials will help you to get in line by using the Raceceivers. After you are told where to re-start, if you do not comply, you may be sent to the rear of the field or to the pits. We will be doing periodic checks with the Raceceiver system. Penalties for not having a Raceceiver or a working Raceceiver will be made at the discretion of the head flagman. 

21. PIT AREA EQUIPMENT: Only race cars, official equipment and one (1) authorized vehicle per racing car are permitted in the pits. Any other equipment must be moved outside the track and pit area or pre-approved.

22. ABANDONED CARS:  Any race car left on speedway property after Monday night will become property of Trail-way Speedway and disposed of unless pre-approved.

23. DOING A 360 ON TRACK: Doing a complete 360 on the track while under the green may result in being sent to rear or pits.

24. 1 LAP DOWN: Any driver that is a lap or more down on re-starts will be put to the rear of all the cars on the lead lap, unless. This excludes the 358 Sprint Car division. 

25. 2 LAPS DOWN: Any car two (2) or more laps down will not be permitted to re-enter the racetrack. 

26. FIRST LAP SCORING: All cars must pass finish line to make lap 1 official. Scorers have the right to a complete restart if deemed needed.

27. AFTER THE YELLOW: All cars must form a single file line behind the car you were following when the yellow flag is displayed. Cars trying to improve their position may face a penalty for delaying the race.

28. AFTER A YELLOW OR RED FLAG: All cars that have completed the lap before the yellow or red, will be lined up first, then the cars that did not complete the lap when the yellow or red was displayed will revert back to the last completed lap, minus all cars that stopped. Stopped cars will go to the rear. Trail-Way officials will make the final decisions on all scoring discrepancies.

29. FLAGS AND LIGHTS: Watch signal lights and flags:
Green - Start of race.
Yellow - Caution, slow down and get in single file unless complete re-start.
Blue - Leaders are about to overtake you, stay in consistent groove and do not race with
Black - Leave track immediately and report to your pit. If you do not know why you were black flagged, see official in the pits. If you receive a black flag while track is
under green, you will not be scored. Disqualification could be enforced.
Red - Stop immediately in a safe area of the track.

30. RED FLAG AND FUEL STOPS: When the RED flag is displayed you must stop as quickly and safely as possible on the track. The red flag means that the race must stop immediately. The red flag shall be used, if in the opinion of the starter, the track is unsafe to continue to race.  If the leader passed the start/finish line under green flag conditions, that lap will count toward the event's total number of laps. If there is a red flag condition before one lap is completed, cars will be restarted in the original starting order with the involved cars to the rear of the line-up. Uninvolved cars slide forward. No crossing over unless instructed by a flagman.

31. DURING A RED FLAG: During a red flag situation, the starter will make a determination if it is a closed red or an open red. If crew members are permitted onto the track, up to five (5) crew members are permitted at the car. Fuel stops only two (2) crew members per car. Crew members may work on the car only with tools that can be carried by hand. There will be no tire or gear changes on the track. No jacks or jack stands will be permitted on the track. Any car going to the pit area during a red flag or fuel stop will be put to the rear of the field when the race is resumed.

32. NO REPAIRING CARS ON TRACK: Any driver or pit crew of a disabled car on the track, chute or infield area attempting to repair a car may be disqualified and can not come back out for that race. During red flag conditions, a driver may exit car in a timely manner, to examine damage. Repairs to car must be done in the Pit area only.

33. TRACK ENTRANCES AND EXITS: You must enter the track on the 2nd turn and exit on the 3rd turn, unless directed by an official. The 4th turn is no entrance or exit for race cars.

34. INFIELD EQUIPMENT: Track officials and push vehicles are the only ones allowed in the infield and track area.

35. 1 PUSH OFF: You will receive (1) push off per event, after that you may be sent to the rear or to the pits. Official decision is final.

36. 2 SPIN OUTS: If you spin out twice in a heat, consolation, or feature by yourself, or in the opinion of the officials are driving in a manner detrimental to the smooth running of the race, you will be sent to the pits for that event.

37. STOPPING ON TRACK/INFIELD: Any car that stops on the track goes to the rear. Any driver getting out of their car while on the track, or deliberately delaying the program may be disqualified. If it is an open cockpit car with front end, and/or steering department damage, driver may check out damage. Any car entering the infield must enter back on the speedway in a safe manner. If a driver re-enters the track from the infield and makes contact with another car, gains a position or causes an accident, they will be sent to the rear or the pits. Any car may stop next to an official to fix safety equipment during a yellow flag and restart in their original position.

38. DRIVERS AND PIT CREWS: The driver is responsible for his pit crew & family. Use of profanity and obscene gestures against anyone is prohibited. Fighting is prohibited on speedway property. Violators will be fined and/or suspended!  Drivers and crew members should remain in their own pit area. Anyone involved in a fight in another pit area will automatically be at fault.

39. CAR ITEMS DISALLOWED: No mirrors, head sets, two-way radios or traction control devices will be allowed in any race car.

40. GAS: All stock car classes must use pumped gas or racing fuel. 358 Late Models may use alcohol.

41. SAFETY BELTS: All classes, except for Figure 8, and Junk Car, must have 5 point quick release seat belts. Some manufactures will re-certify their belts. Drivers responsibility to check safety equipment and examine for wear and age, 5 yrs. old or newer is only a suggested guideline. Other classes use at least a 4 point harness.

42. PAYOFF: will be handed out at the sign up window (after 15 minute posting time period and tech inspection is finished) to the DRIVER OR HIS/HER AGENT, AFTER SHOWING HIS/HER DRIVER LICENSE,  or PICTURE I.D.. Payoff window will be closed 30 min. after last checkered flag. You can pick up late money at the next race, otherwise you will forfeit your winnings. There will be no payoff money sent by mail! You must attempt to take the green flag to receive any points or prize money.

43. RACE QUESTIONS: DRIVERS ONLY (under 18 may bring a parent) should contact the pit steward for any questions or decisions concerning a race. No one at anytime may attempt to enter the track, flag stand, office or scoring tower for any reason during or following a race. You may contact head flag man at intermission or after the final race of the night.

44A. SEASON POINTS: Accumulated season points will be posted on sign up window and on our web site each week. If you have any questions come to the speedway office on race day for clarification. There will be no corrections made on the season point standings after the next point standings are posted. Any car disqualified for cheating or misconduct will be ineligible for points or prize money for that race (excludes disqualification for safety violation or spin-out rule). All Championship Events for all divisions may be done by a pill draw. There may be a stipulation to the pill draw that will be announced before each pill draw event. Example; Top 20 in points may have 2 numbers drawn or pre-entered cars may have 2 numbers drawn.

44B. POINTS: Heat points are as follows: 12 for 1st, 11 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd and so on down to 1.
Feature points are as follows: 1-50, 2-45, 3-42, 4-39, 5-37, 6-35, 7-33, 8-31, 9-29, 10-27, 11-25, 12-24, 13-23, 14-22, 15-21, 16-20, 17-19, 18-18, 19-17, 20-16, 21-15, 22-14, 23-13, 24-12.

45. LETTERING LOCATIONS: Must have the following locations: SPRINTS (1) on each side of top wing and tail STOCK CARS (1) on each side of car, (1) on rear of the car so it can be read by driver behind and (1) on the roof. You will be given 1 week to make changes, if instructed by the officials. Number/letter colors must contrast car/wing color. Track reserves the right to withhold purse only until car number is corrected to the satisfaction of the tech inspector or scorers.

46. LETTERING SIZE: Please use proper size lettering on all different styles of race cars. If you have any questions on lettering sizes, contact your pit steward or office for advice. MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) DIGITS ONLY! This is to help scorers, if you have 24 cars with 2 digits versus 3 digits, that is 48 numbers instead of 72 numbers to score every lap. Also the new scoreboard does not except 3 digits or any letters.

47. NO PROFANITY: All lettering must be presentable to the public at all times. Track officials have final say on this.

48. TECH/PROTESTS/FINES: We reserve the right to reject any car or driver and impose any fine, suspension or disciplinary action without cause or recourse.

49. SPEEDWAY POLICY: If at any time, in the opinion of track officials, the conduct of any team member or driver is a discredit to TRAIL-WAY Speedway, the racing industry, the fans, or to himself, he may be removed from all racing activity at the speedway. The driver is responsible for all the people associated and/or officially entered with the car. Racing at TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY is a family spectator sport. As such, we do not want you or any part of your crew, if your actions are deemed offensive in the sole discretion of track officials. 

50. INSPECTION AND SCALE LOCATION: The officials will decide how many cars will be inspected in each division following the Feature. Failure to be teched will result in disqualification. Winged Micro Sprints will be weighed at the turn # 2 scales and all other divisions will be weighed at the scales in the center of the pits. If you weight light, you will be allowed to re-weigh one more time. All other classes must report to the tech area off turn # 3 at the stage (2 people per car). Any car found illegal shall be disqualified and result in the loss of points and purse money which would have been earned for that race.

51. PUMPED MOTORS: If a tear down or engine pump is required, only the driver and owner or mechanic of the car being checked will be permitted in the impound area.

52. STOCK CAR PROTEST: There are no protest rules for Street Stock or Limited Stocks at this time. If added there will be an announcement.

53. 270 AND 600 PROTEST: Winged sprints may be protested for rotating assembly fee of $ 200.00; pumping motor, fee of $ 100.00, outside motor and rev-limiter $50. If the car is found illegal, the fee will be returned to the protester, minus $20. The driver may lose all points, money and be fined $ 200.00 for that event. Fine must be paid in full at the speedway office before the driver and car can enter another race. If the car is found legal, the protestee will receive $ 150.00 or $ 50.00 of the protested money respectively. Fuel may be protested in any division for the cost of the fee to be checked. If the car is found illegal, the driver may lose all points, money and be fined $ 200.00 for that event. 

54. FOUND ILLEGAL: If any car is found illegal, the driver may lose all season points, be fined, and/or be suspended, depending on the severity of the violation.​

55. SCORING QUESTION: In the event of a scoring protest, only the driver may protest to the pit steward for heat and consolation. In the event of a scoring protest in the feature, the driver only may go to the speedway office. Do not go to speedway tower unless a track official receives acceptance from the tower.

56. RACE TEAM RESPONSIBILITY: All race teams are responsible for removal of all waste, tires, parts, and used oil from the premises. If you brought it, take it home. Failure to comply may be a $ 50.00 Fine and/or loss of points.

57. SPINNING TIRES: All divisions are responsible for not spinning tires at anytime while emergency or push vehicles are on the track or in the infield (Could result in a fine). 

58. TOWING: If car is in need of being towed and does not have proper tow hook or chain, driver may be fined $25.00.

59. PASSING PACE CAR: Anyone passing the pace car may be fined $ 25.00. Pace car driver may signal you by and notify flagman.

60. ALL INJURIES: Anyone sustaining an injury at the race track must report the injury to officials and ambulance crew before leaving the track.

61. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: Trail-Way Speedway, would like to inform any competitor, participant or crew member that the use of social media networks to promote any negative conduct may be grounds for suspension/revocation of their driver or any affiliated driver and/or may result in the offender being banned from participating or attending any Trail-Way Speedway events.


If you wish to discuss something that concerns you, we ask that you call the speedway office during the week instead of posting negativity on social media. 

67. Track Photography and Video Rules: WRT SpeedWerx is the exclusive photography vendor at Trail-Way Speedway and Lynn Schaeffer Productions is the official videographer at Trail-Way Speedway. No other photos or videos are to be taken and sold for profit at Trail-Way Speedway without permission from the track. Video may be posted on social media in short clips only. Do not post an entire race on social media without permission. All photos and video taken on the property are considered property of Trail-Way Speedway.