Limited Stock Rules



If you have any questions, please send them to before finishing your car. 

Please read the general rules in this rule book before entering speedway.  

Updated 1/17/20 


A. A motor claiming rule has been established to help keep the dollar value down in competing in this class. A. The amount of claim is $2,400, and $150 to track, (total $2,550), cash, for any motor. This will include the entire motor from oil pan to valve cover. Intake and headers are included. Computer is not included.  

B.  When you claim a motor you must abide by the following: The driver of the motor you want to claim, must have won 3 or more features in any car that season and is the winner of that nights race. You can not claim a motor during the last 3 scheduled races. A driver must finish in the top 10 in the feature that night and have raced 3 races or more in this division to be eligible to claim a motor. Track ownership may claim any motor.  

C. Driver must bring the money to the office no later than 15 minutes after the checkered flag drops. We will then send track officials to the race team and notify them their motor has been claimed.  

D. Car owner has 10 minutes to decide if they want to sell the motor, after being notified of his/her motor being claimed. After the 10 minutes, the motor claim is void. Track officials decision is final. 

E. If race team agrees to sell motor, motor will then be removed or arrangements will be made to do so between car owner, claimer, and track officials. A Trail-Way official must be present when the extraction of the motor happens and it must be done within the next 24 hours. Until then, the track has the right to store the car where neither team can have access to it. Any changes from this must be approved by track officials. 

F. If the driver sells his motor and does not race the following completed race, that driver will receive points based on the drivers point average that night. From there on you must race to earn points.  

G. If driver does not sell motor, they will forfeit all season points, the earnings from that race, and will not be allowed to race for 4 completed races for Limited Stocks. Also driver will be fined $400. 

H. Track may buy motor for $2,400.


BATTERY - Suggested to stay in its original position and securely anchored. However, battery may be moved inside the cab as long as it is fully covered and securely anchored to the floor.  

BRAKES – ABS and wheel speed sensors must be disconnected. All four brakes must work. E-brake’s are permitted. 

BUMPERS, END CAPS, and TOW CHAINS - If you are unable to attach your original bumper it may be replaced with tubing. Design should be no stronger than original bumper design. If replaced correctly, C channel or L channel (no I beam) may be used. A general guide line for front bumpers are to be no further extended from center of original bumper by no more than 4 inches and have no sharp edges, be visible and stay within the confines of the car body.  If you have any questions before building, please contact race office. Enclosed end caps are mandatory, front & rear. All cars must have a reachable tow chain on the front and rear for tow truck hookup. ALL bumpers must be intact at all times to race. Any loose or missing bumper will result in being sent to pits. 

DRIVERS AGE -You must be 14 years of age or older to compete. We reserve the right to reject any car or driver without cause or recourse. 

FIRE EXTINGUISHER - Working fire extinguisher is mandatory and must be mounted within the drivers reach. 16 ounce Fireade Enforcer extinguishing cans are for sale at the fuel trailer for $15. 

 FIREWALLS & FUEL TANKS - A metal firewall must be between driver compartment and trunk area is required only when gas tank is moved inside trunk. Fuel cell is permitted, as long as it is mounted in center of trunk area and has a shut off valve. 

FRAMES - May strengthen uni-body by connecting side to side and to make room for down bars of cage. No chopping or channeling of body unless approved by your Tech Man. 

FUEL - Pump gas, or racing fuel only. No racing alcohol permitted  

HEADERS - Aftermarket (racing) headers are allowed and will be subject to claim. Claim is $300 and includes only the header itself. 

HOOD and TRUNK - Must be secured in a way that they can be opened by safety crew, either strapped, hood pins, or quick release. No nuts on threaded bolts. 

INTERIOR - Sheet metal work is not permitted in the driver's area from the dash to the rear of the seat. The interior sheet metal may not be boxed around the driver's seat.  

MOTORS - Any OEM 4 cylinder motor, (no aftermarket or racing blocks. Ford for Ford, Chevy for Chevy). All factory or aftermarket parts must have identification numbers (no removing numbers, so any motor that is claimed and may need parts for repairs can be ordered). Turbo charged, super charged or rotary engines are not permitted. Solid mounting of the engine is permitted. 

NITROUS. - NONE.  If found, could be suspended for a year. 

PADDING - You must have padding with any roll cage bars within drivers reach.  

RACECEIVERS - Driver must have a working Raceceiver. Frequency is .183. Unless, announced otherwise. 

RADIATOR - Any Radiator may be used, but must stay in stock location. 

ROLL CAGE - Must be a 4 point (6 point recommended), dirt track style, with no less than 3 door bars on driver’s side. Must have vent bar on all cars. 

RUB RAILS - Side rub rails must be one bar only, no up and down bars (no loop style barring). It may be no lower than the center of hubs and no higher than the top of the tire. Must be tight against the body with no sharp edges. A steel bar may be attached to the exterior side of the car.  No sharp edges. 

SEATS – No stock seats. A 4 point harness and window net is mandatory. No homemade belts allowed. 

SUSPENSION - Must have stock rear and front suspensions as from factory. Slotting or factory mounting holes allowed. Plating for safety is allowed. No racing spring (lowering) or shocks allowed. Springs may be heated, clamped or use spring rubbers. Springs must be within 2" of factory installed height. rear control arms should be stock but may be braced/strengthened/repaired. No adjustable control arms. Stock type aftermarket suspension bushings are allowed. You will have first three races to make changes.

TIRES & WHEELS - Width of tire not to exceed 8 inches. Tread on track. No studded tires. No racing tires. Tires must have factory D.O.T. stamp on them and be street legal (up to 65 series, no 70 series). Aftermarket "add-on" bead locks are permitted. 

WEIGHT LIMIT – After any race, your car with driver must weigh minimum of 2400 Lbs.  Any added weight must be visible to the technical inspector, painted white with car number marked on each piece, and securely fastened to car. No added weight is permitted in the frame rails, mounted to the frame, or be placed anywhere within the driver’s compartment. 

WHEEL BASE – Is measured from center of front wheel to center of rear wheel. Maximum allowed is 105 inches. 

WINDSHIELD  -  Must be removed and replaced with wire screen 1/2 inch block or smaller and must cover entire windshield area. Screen must be properly secured. No zip ties. No chicken wire. At least two upright bars, one must be located in front of driver. 

 Any car that flips, or turns over, must leave track for that race. Car must be inspected by track officials before returning to race.