Figure 8 Rules

Figure 8 Rules for 2020


225. You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in Figure 8 racing. Proof of age must be

226. Minimum 3 point harness. 4 point harness, neck brace & fire suit recommended. Long sleeve
shirts are mandatory. Hands and arms must remain in the car at all times or you will be disqualified.

227 Cars will be split into 2 divisions based, on 105 inch and under or 106 inch and over wheel base. Officials will have final decision.

228. We reserve the right to reject any car or driver without cause or recourse.


229. Car must be stock. No structure modifications to frame or body, except to accommodate roll

230. (2) 1/8" X 6" channel irons, (1) 1/8" X 12" channel iron, guard rail or similar protective steel
bar must be attached to both exterior sides of the car starting at the front fire wall and extending to the rear fire wall. Bar must be welded or bolted securely to the sides of the car starting 18" from the ground. No sharp edges. If you are unable to attach your original bumper it may be replaced with an I beam, C channel or L channel. All bumper re-placements must be: no wider than 8", have no sharp edges, be visible and stay within the confines of the car body. End caps are allowed. The safety inspector's decision is final.

231. TIRES - All season tires, M & S tires or stock passenger tires only. No racing tires. No recaps. No skid steer or vtreads. Must have d.o.t. Wheels must be stock. No welded or bolt on plates allowed. 

232. Front or Rear wheel drive cars allowed.

233. Radiator may not be relocated. Battery may be moved but must be properly secured. One battery only. If battery in drivers compartment must be completely covered.

 234. All molding, chrome, door handles, outside & inside mirrors must be removed before coming to the track. If you bring it, take it home! $50.00 fine.

235. Plastic & non-metal grills must be removed before coming to the track.

236. All glass must be removed. Side windows must be removed, not broken inside door panel. This includes headlights, tail lights & mirrors before coming to the track. Full windshield must be replaced with wire mesh with holes no larger than 1/2".

237. A 12" hole must be cut in the center of the hood or (2) 6" X 12" holes beyond valve covers, or inner fender wells may be cut out.

238. Doors must be secured, either welded or chained.

239. Hood & trunk latches and springs must be removed. Hood & trunk must be able to be opened
for inspection, but must be chained shut for the race with a one short chain 1/4" thick or larger in the center of the hood and trunk. No excessive chaining or the use of seat belt straps. No welding of bumper shocks (front or rear). Locked rears will be allowed. Hood pins may be used in place of chain if so desired (must be approved by Tech Inspector).

240. All cars should have a chain (minimum of 3/8") on the front and rear mounted to each side of frame for tow truck hookup.

241. Fuel cell optional, maximum 22 gal. Original gas tank in original location or moved to the trunk and securely fastened. Spout must be in trunk (no part of gas tank out). Station wagons: if tank is in rear quarter it must be moved under deck and centered no farther front than the back of the back seat. If no deck, it must be strapped down with metal and covered completely with metal.

242. Racing numbers: Maximum 2 digits, no letters. No profanity lettering allowed.


243. There will be no yellow flags thrown for spin-outs or disabled cars. If the race is red flagged, all cars will be lined up and restarted on the front stretch by their position on the last full lap. If more than 50% of the laps have been completed the race may be checkered.

244. No intentional hitting outside of the infield area (past the large white tires).

246. You will be penalized 1 lap for cutting the course or failing to go around the tires. Running in the wrong direction will result in disqualification.

245. All cars must stop at turn #2 flagman after receiving the checkered flag. He will tell you when to go to pits.