Enduro & Scramble Car Rules

Updated rules for 2020 will be bold and underlined.

Updated: 1/9/20


All decisions by tech crew and track officials are final. If something is not covered in these rules do not assume that makes it legal. Any questions, call speedway office for clarifications. Go on line; fill out a reserve racing number form today, at no charge.

IMPORTANT: This will be a claiming race. The car can be claimed by another driver from the feature of this class or by track management only. Claiming of the car, minus seat, must be done within 15 minutes of the completion of the feature race for this class. The price is $1,000 cash for cars with just roll bars and $1,200 cash for cars with complete roll cages. 

CARS ELIGIBLE – Any 4 or 6-cylinder car only front or rear wheel drive. All wheel drive cars must remove front or rear drive shaft. No full frame cars, trucks, vans, suv’s. No competition-built race cars allowed, stock means stock. No factory 2 seated cars. Your car may not be eligible for the next race to maintain fair competition.

CAR PREPARATION – Must remove inside and out: carpet, plastic, glass (except windshield, optional, if removed must replace with heavy screen), headlights, bumper covers, fiberglass header panels, air bags removed or cut out, sun roofs removed and closed with screen or metal. Full roll cages are optional but highly recommended. If you do not have a full roll cage, you must have a roll bar consisting of 3 total bars: One (1) bar from rear of driver’s seat from top to floor and one (1) behind passenger’s side, as far centered and front as possible. Apply plate on the top and bottom of bar bolted to roof and floor. Bars should be as close to the rear of the driver's seat as possible. A 1/4” thick 10” X 10” plate welded to bar and bolted to top and floor. One (1) bar on right side in line of driver’s seat. 2” pipe or tubing no less than 2 half inch bolts in each plate. If you have a full roll cage and bars inside of driver’s door, you do not have to put plates on outside of car, (This is the old roll bar rule for scramble cars). If you do not have a full roll cage then you must install driver side protection to exceed 4 inches past door on both sides of door jams, no sharp edges (guiderail, channel, or tubing etc.). Padding on driver’s door (may use foam or cushions) Door must be welded or chained shut. No bracing in bumper areas. Bumpers chained on both sides to car. Safety net optional, do not screen in drivers side or weld bars over drivers window. All stock steel unaltered floor pans, firewalls, trunk and wheel wells must remain. Cars must remain stock appearing, no cutting chopping, channeling, or shortening. Hoods must remain in place at all times and either have a hole for extinguishing fires or hood pins. Must be able to open hood without any tools. Trunk lids chained shut. Gas tanks to remain in stock location, unless tank area is rusted or damaged, you may use a fuel cell securely mounted and all speaker firewall holes covered. Suspension must remain factory stock, no cutting or altering. Wheels must be steel or stock aluminum with no wheel weights and all brakes must work. No adding weight to car. Battery, if relocated inside of car, must be secured in container. Radiator must be stock and in stock location. You may remove smog equipment. No radio devices.

DRIVERS – Must be 14 years or older and approved by officials. If under the age of 18, the driver must have a minor release form filled out by parents. 

DRIVER APPAREL – Full face DOT or SNELL approved helmet with eye protection, fire retardant suit recommended. Must have; working seatbelt with shoulder harness - factory or racing harness, neck brace, and gloves. Racing seats permitted.

ENGINES – Must be stock or stock replacement and be in factory location. No aftermarket oil coolers.

EXHAUST – Must remain in stock location, no headers. No locked rears. Heat, a/c, catalytic converters, and smog equipment may be removed.

FLAGS – No yellows. During red flags you must come to a complete stop and do not advance any positions, this could result in being disqualified. Do not get out of your car while track is under green.

GASOLINE – Regular gas, no racing fuel, no fuel lines inside of car.

INSPECTION – Pre-race inspection will be for safety. Post race inspection can be done to any car by track officials.

REAR END AND TRANSMISSION – Must be stock, no after market parts. If rear wheel drive, must have safety loop installed. Must remove front drive shaft on 4-wheel drive cars. No locked transmissions. 

SCORING – When we are using our transponder scoring system, you must mouth the transponder device under the floor, behind the driver's seat. If you go to the infield or pits, you are done. No pit stops. 

TIRES – All tires must be D.O.T and be the same size. No winter tread, stud tires, all terrain, mud tires, Gumball, Racing, or D.O.T. stamped racing tires.