270CC Micro Sprint Rules



We will be using a one way driver communication device from RACECEIVER for all divisions unless stated otherwise .

This device is required for 3 main reasons: Safety, Insurance cost, and to help speed up the racing Program. Also to save fuel, to speed up restarts, to let you know where to go when there is a red or yellow flag (remember when you received a black flag and did not know why), and many others.

RACECEIVER PART NUMBER - #EliteLP1600 Driver Kit (Raceceiver, enclosed holster clip, battery, and driver ear piece) to race at We have chosen this Raceceiver because of it’s quality and reliability. Cheap imitations will not be acceptable.

Our account executive is Boz Daugherty. For Technical questions about this product, Email to bdaugherty@raceceiver.com or call 1 -770 – 530 – 8122


Updated 1/31/19 (BOLD & UNDERLINED = NEW FOR 2020)

98. ENGINE - The engine of a 270 cc Winged Sprint must be stock appearing & a maximum of 270 cc.

99. TOP WING - No Winged Sprint will be allowed to enter any race at anytime without safely constructed top wing, equipment and components. Top wing must be on sprint car at all times. If wing is damaged, officials will make a safety decision if the driver should continue to race. The only exception would be a non-wing scheduled event.

100. CAR WEIGHT - A 270 cc Sprint with driver will be subject to meet the minimum weight of 600 lbs. on the
Speedway scales after any event.

101. FUEL STOPS - In the event of a fuel stop you may add fuel & tear offs only. 3 crew members only. Fuel stop
window is 55-60 laps.

102. RACING ATTIRE - Seat belts must be 3" wide, 5 point approved racing harness recommended less than 5 yrs. old. Helmet and approved full face shield required. Approved fire suit mandatory; (NOMEX underwear, headsock, two layer suit is highly recommended). Arm restraints, neck collar, and racing gloves must be worn at all times. Chain guard mandatory. Aluminum racing seat is mandatory. Must have headrest and be padded.

103. PUSH START - All cars get one push off per event. There may be more than one after the initial push off. 

104. FUEL CELLS - A rear fuel cell with bladder is recommended, alcohol oil mix only, no additives. Must have accessible fuel shut off valve clearly marked.